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Bread and Butterflies - The Most Amazingly Oober Cool Community

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September 4th, 2005

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10:26 pm - Bread and Butterflies
ALICE is a WEED....or atleast the flowers think so. I got my permit....I'm very proud. Lauren let me drive out of the drive way down the road, and then back down it again. The stoner catepillar is an amazing smoke artist. Maybe I could write a research workbook entry about that. I write entries about the most random things. Anything to take up FIVE PAGES...I don't know how Emmie kept getting a six on her entries. I think it was because she drew a lot and kept it fairly neat/simple. "Keep your temper." said the catepillar. "..is that it?" asked Alice. And he says, "No...who are you?"....and then 'poof'. He turns into a butterfly. Alice is really snoody. Old lady birds are so scary. Look at all those freaking signs. The cat reminds me of this dude I saw at Hot Topic. Oh my. My uncle was in an accident, and he suffered a concussion...but I guess he's okay because they did not keep him at the hospital. Does anyone check this community anymore? I guess those who monitor it...but whatever. I can't wait until autumn...then I can wear sweaters and be all emo-like. (not really). Me encanta that damn Ciara song 'Oh!'...it's awesome. I hate rap, but Ludacris is pretty A.O.K. It's very very rude to sit down without being invited. But I enjoyed the singing. Have some tea. Nonsense. It's too hot. Okay.

Ooooh, that was lovely.

I think............that I might take dance class in senior year. My mom thinks I should acquire some grace. I drop things all the time. Usually just in the kitchen. I wear tights, and all my friends can giggle at me twirl. If anyone wants to join with me in the future, please do. Alright. Ciao.
Current Mood: melancholysqueek..
Current Music: Alice in Wonderland [movie]

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Date:September 5th, 2005 04:49 pm (UTC)
alice is a weed, or a flower with no scent and odd petals...

i wish i could blow smoke rings/letters/pictures like that catepillar! he's my hero!!

emmie kept getting 6's and 5.8's on her journals because her entries took up about 11 pages each. including in depth analysis of the artist, the work, her own opinions (lots of them) her own version of the art, tons of comments, lots of pictures, and long compare/contrast things with other artists (mostly clive barker because he is who i love).

sorry bout your uncle, but it's a good thing he's okay!

i check this community...::shifty eyes because she has it on her 'friends' list::

emmie also cannot wait until fall because then she can keep her body covered without stupid people asking 'arent you hot in all of that?'

tea? just half a cup

dance would be wonderful! if i wasnt already having problems deciding my sixth areas and which core classes to drop and all of these other problems that no one else seems bothered by...is emmie the only one thinking that her high school classes seriously have an influence on her future?

i'm rather clumsy because my feet are so small in proportion to the rest of my body.

you are old father william the young man said and your hair it has grown very white...and yet you insistantly stand on your head do you think at your age it is right it is right do you think at your age it is right?

in my youth father william replied to his son i feared it might injure the brain. but now i'm quite sure that i havent none i'll do it again and again and again i'll do it again and again...

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Date:September 5th, 2005 07:17 pm (UTC)

NOnSenseeble. Anti Sense.....ibbblee. (!!!)

Alright...well my next journal entry is about eight pages....and I want a six.

Freak Geeks and other Eeks have somewhere to go.

I'm a little freakish about my classes in highschool. I do not know what I want to do with my life yet, except make a buttload of money, buy a lofty warehouse, and make humongous paintings while hanging off of bungi cords in the nude. No. I did not think of that myself. I saw it in a movie. There will also be a vegetarian field...complete with yoga on the highest hill...instructed by my hot stretchy lover man.

I think I shall drop english and focus on math. I don't like writing. Science is like a mix of math and english, so it's just a pain. Maybe I could be something in government. That's it, I'm going to run for senior class president. The shirts will be -cool-.

Emmie should be something powerful. She has a VOICE. Lauren is most likely going to be involved with the fashion industry, or be a goldfish farmer. AHHAHAHA. Once she has her twelve children, she'll need to be a housewife, making clothes for her wee ones. Stephanie was going to be a translator, but I thin she's changed her mind again. The world will probably flip inside out before we even turn thirty. Gorshderndit.
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Date:September 5th, 2005 10:14 pm (UTC)

Re: NOnSenseeble. Anti Sense.....ibbblee. (!!!)

an 8 page entry usually got me a 5.8, and since you're better at art than i am, it should get you a 6.

freak love

i have two or three different dreams for my future. i have nothing better to do, so i'll post them here, for your pleasure.

1. i would like total and complete world domination by me, emmie. that's not going to happen and loli would murder me if i ever tried. plus, i dont know what credentials you have to have to qualify for 'supreme dictator'

2. i would like to have some sort of archealogical/historic job and travel around the world with fun people from national geographic and dig and learn about history and..and...and...stuff. make money from that

3. child psychology. or people psychology in general. because i like listening to people talk. it's cool. i could get paid lots of money just for saying 'an how does that make you feel?' every few minutes. weeeeee.

i'd vote for you as senior class president, as long as you vote for me if i run for some sort of homecoming or prom person!! weeee, could you imagine? me in a tuxedo looking oh so swanky as homecoming king? ::dreamy eyes::

i think the world will end in about 8 years, that would be a good time for me

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