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Long time, no post - The Most Amazingly Oober Cool Community

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November 18th, 2005

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09:18 pm - Long time, no post
Well, I had almost forgotten about this oober cool community on live journal. But oh well, I found it again. My head is suffering from dain bramage because I hit it on a cabinet.

My cat tried to eat my science fair project. No lie. Had the board laid out, and she a went to eating....I had this happy sensation watching her do it, but then I realized that that was bad and that i needed it.

La LA la La LAAAA la la la!!!!! LAh lah laaaaaaaah lah laaaaah lah ah. LAhLAHLAH!

There's a prize for whoever can guess what song that was.


Current Mood: weirdKdkfbkeahrf w2ui22 2 2 2 666

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